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Lead-Acid Battery Monitoring in mobile applications by server based online diagnostic
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Diagnostics & battery management
Characterization methods

Lead-acid batteries are used in a wide variety of mobile applications today. As SLI batteries in automobiles, as UPS batteries in trains or as traction batteries in applications as forklifts and sweepers. Unlike Li-ion batteries, in most applications they do not have a diagnostic unit that monitors the operation and condition of the batteries. Continuous monitoring of the condition of the batteries can bring considerable added value for the user and the operator. Failures can be avoided through accurate diagnostics, thus massively reducing downtime and failure costs can be achieved.
In this work, a diagnostic system was developed that is specifically designed for lead-acid batteries in mobile applications. The electronic unit is specially developed for use in a confined space environment and transmits the measurement data to a server via a mobile network. The complex algorithms are performed in the cloud, enabling more complex and accurate diagnostic procedures than traditional offline methods. The algorithms were developed with special attention to the respective application and allow accurate condition diagnostics as well as remaining life prediction.
A central user interface allows the operator to monitor and compare the state of all connected batteries. New batteries can be easily added to this highly scalable system. Another advantage of online monitoring is the possibility to analyze all historical data. In this way, not only the temporal development of the available capacity can be viewed, but e.g. also temperature profiles in the application can be viewed and analyzed directly.

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M. Niessen, Dr. G. Angenendt, Dr. K.P. Kairies