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Energy efficient cluster approach for dry room operation in lithium-ion battery production
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For the production of lithium-batteries, especially for high-Ni batteries, the operation of dry rooms is essential to provide a save and well-conditioned environment. However, it is well-known that the ener-gy consumption per produced kWh of lithium-ion batteries is substantially driven by the high energy demand of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system which generates the required dry room environment. The energy demand again is driven by several process parameters such as the number of people inside the dry rooms, the required temperature as well as further moisture source through leakage and outdoor air conditions. In the event of extreme low dew points or the operation of several process exhaust systems in the dry rooms, the requirements for the HVAC system are especially high. Notably in research and development where machines and their components are subject to frequent adjustments, the number of workers inside the rooms may differ to the allowed amount and, thus, jeopardize the required dew point. With the overall aim to mitigate the environmental impact of new lithium-ion battery production sites, a cluster approach is developed which both guarantees a secure dew point when needed and reduces the energy demand in times when lower dew points or just clean room conditions are sufficient. Through this, the total cost of owner-ship of the required dry rooms can be significantly reduced while securing the needed environment for state-of-the-art and even future battery production technologies.

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Florenz Janning, Frederic Bovenschulte, Hasibe Turhan, Saskia Wessel, Fritz Klocke, Jens Tübke