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Optimal battery cells for grid-serving applications
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Cell characterization

Due to the current shutdown of baseload power plants and the further expansion of renewables, there is a change from generator-based power generation to inverter-based power generation in the electrical grid.This change has an impact on the services that ensure the stability of the electrical grid and are often provided by baseload power plants. In this context secondary batteries are expected to meet the requirements of grid-level large-scale electri-calenergy storage such as peak shavingand load leveling, voltage and frequency regulation and emergency re-sponse. This paper presents an overview of current and future grid-serving applications and their characteristics. The characteristics are categorized so that they can be sorted by duration of provision, cycles per year, response time, etc. Furthermore, a market analysis of currently used storage systems regarding performance, dynamics, costs, life cycle assessment, resource availability, etc. is performed. Subsequently, a method for the coupling be-tween the characteristics of a battery cell and the necessary requirements for grid-serving applications is present-ed. Depending on the application, properties are prioritized higher than others. The result of the developed ap-proach provides a battery cell technology that fulfills the required properties as close as possible in order to en-sure an optimal dimensioning and energy efficiency chain.

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Ines Hauer, Martin Wolter, Maximilian Wassner and Ulrike Wunderwaldt