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cerman.power+ Battery: Solid state & Lithium: Technology Service – Pilot Line – Qualification- Production Equipment-TROIKA Process
Poster Exhibition
Automotive and mobility applications

The german based cerman.power+ Battery GmbH, Nordhausen offers the latest battery cell technology (Lithium, solid state), from design and materials to components and cells along the development chain. They already have a good name on the market and have already received a patent from the German Patent Office for the so-called TROIKA process (December 2020). The poster shows examples that are specifically based on the references made by leading global manufacturers such as the automotive industry.
Access to a pilot line established on the commercial background with electrodes and all common cell formats is a key, there is a technology service that also addresses the successful, more sustainable process chain on the one hand and, more extensively, the production lines on the other. There are current references in the supply of machines and equipment in all battery cell markets.
Last but not least, the company has one of the few cell production process patents that are relevant in Germany. The poster shows an exemplary process for prismatic cells. The cooperation with experts and manufacturers ensures that the company has a strict focus on commercially viable solutions, and a certified business platform for the production of battery cells has already been successfully set up several times. In this area, too, cerman.power + Battery will be able to continue to successfully implement its services on the market.

The experienced staff all have more than 25 years of experience in commercial battery cell production and development and can boast references that include the market leaders.

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Stephen Kim, Monika Zimmermann