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Unlocking low cost micron silicon
Active materials for Lithium-ion batteries

Sionic Energy has taken a complete “system approach” to lithium-ion batteries, creating a full battery technology platform for the next generation of high-performance batteries. The silicon anode/nickel-rich cathode chemistry is widely regarded as the highest energy Li-ion system. Sionic batteries enable the industry’s advanced silicon materials for high-capacity anodes, high-energy nickel-rich cathodes and safe electrolytes, delivering dramatic enhancements in energy, life, safety and cost of lithium-ion batteries.
Silicon can hold about 10 times the number of lithium-ion as the existing material in lithium-ion batteries – graphite, and its use could lead to 20-40% higher energy density. The main obstacle with the use of silicone is that in reaction with lithium during charging it expands over 300% in volume which heavily damages the battery life. Our patented anode architecture combined with proprietary electrolyte design produce an expansion-controlled pure micron sized silicon-based Li-ion battery with a long-life span. Sionic’s technology is comprised of an innovative, scalable anode design and electrode-electrolyte combinations capable of delivering Li-ion battery systems which provide >1000 Wh/L & 350 Wh/kg for <$80/kWh while significantly increasing safety through their proprietary safe electrolyte. This talk will provide the performance of silicon anodes based on pure µm silicon paired with advanced electrolyte formulations in cylindrical cell designs.

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