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BatterieIngenieure GmbH

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BatterieIngenieure GmbH was founded in 2015 as an association of experienced engineers and physicists from battery research and manufacturing. We offer services for testing, modelling, diagnostics, battery development and small series production and advise companies on these areas. We deal with all electrochemical energy storage systems (primary and secondary batteries), as well as supercapacitors. As part of our integrated approach, we include thermal and mechanical storage systems under systemic and economic issues.


BatterieIngenieure GmbH offers battery-related services to its customers. The range of services includes testing of cells and batteries (electrical, thermal, mechanical as well as safety tests), algorithm development in diagnostics for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries as well as the development of simulation models. Furthermore, we advise on the optimal choice of storage technology, on questions regarding the safe operation of your storage as well as product identifcation and carry out analyses of failure causes.

Furthermore, we subject energy storage systems to electrical, thermal, and mechanical tests, while ensuring their operational safety. In doing so, we provide a precise characterisation of your specimens regarding durability, performance and safety. Besides initial characterisation, this helps ensure consistent product quality as part of quality assurance.

Since 2003, our battery development and manufacturing team deals with highly specialized Li-Ion battery systems for various applications. In battery development and manufacturing, we distinguish basically three areas: prototype development, limited productions series, and mass-series production. Component producibility and cost constitute decisive criteria in the latter case.

BatterieIngenieure is extremely pleased with the global appreciation and demand for its expertise. Our customers and partners are leading players in numerous industries including, among others, automotive, energy, maritime transport, aviation, etc. The close cooperation with the Department of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems at RWTH Aachen allows the integration of current research topics in our projects via state-of-the-art technologies.


Technical consulting services
(e.g. failure root-cause analysis)


Electrical, mechanical, thermal and safety testing of cells and batteries.


Development, implementation and parametrization of algorithms for lead-acid and Li-Ion batteries.


Development of impedance based and spatially resolved simulations for electrical behaviour, ageing and thermal modelling.

Battery development & production

Production of prototypes and small series.


BatterieIngenieure GmbH

Hüttenstr. 5
52068 Aachen

Phone +49 (0)241 9128 2017
Fax +49 (0) 241 99032765

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