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High quality coating, laminating and equipment solutions

COATEMA stands for high quality coating, laminating and equipment solutions for laboratory R&D, pilot equipment and custom made production equipment. Since August 2018 the company is a member of the ATH-Group Germany together with the companies KROENERT, DRYTEC and ZAE. Coatema itself is a leading supplier of variable multifunction coating, printing and laminating plants with economic advantages (e.g. the modular Click&CoatTM system) and performs its own R&D in sustainable application fields, holds patents for pioneering solutions, and has been awarded with innovation prizes. Through Coatema’s versatile customer base and a multitude of national and European funded research projects, its printing and coating lines are used among other fields in fuel cells and electrolysis solutions, research and production. The company is well equipped to build machines for the newest fuel cell applications. With Europe’s largest lab for R&D in coating technology Coatema is able to offer Know-how, full service solutions and to control whole production processes.


Main products and services (from lab2fab):

Lab equipment

Pilot equipment

Production equipment

Coatema offers coating solutions for batteries Highly developed battery technologies such as lithium-ion, lithium polymer, solid state, redox flow and nickel-metal hydride batteries require efficient coating and casting processes for the anodes, cathodes and separator. Particularly for thin film batteries.

A broad range of coating and printing methods can be used: doctor blade, commabar/reverse commabar, slot die, gravure printing, rotary screen printing or flat screen printing. Advanced intermittent coatings are standard for Coatema applications and can also be applied in a simultaneous double side method. In addition to our coating plants, Coatema's calender systems are worthy of note. They can be supplied as piece good calenders or as complete Roll-to-Roll production solutions.

Research & Development: Currently 15 projects in operation. Coatema follows the „Open Pilot Centre Philosophy”.

Our R&D Center is housed in an area of 1,200 square meters and offers a well-equipped and managed facility for basic research and/or the production of pilot and small production quantities. With more than 20 application systems on 13 different machine platforms we are able to test most coating, printing and laminating technology under controlled industrial conditions.

With these technical facilities and our process development and R&D expert, Coatema provides the innovation needed for your products. For more information please visit: www.coatema.de


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