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Efficient battery function development by application of battery-as-a-service concepts

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In the proposed conference contribution, we introduce a novel test approach for battery
systems, that is driven by a unified, standardized interface between hardware- and
software components. It allows to seamlessly exchange real hardware components with
software components, and vice versa. The Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol (DCP) is
used to encapsulate and virtualize these components, as shown in a demonstrator use
case. A DCP master is used for effective configuration and re-configuration of these socalled
DCP slaves.

Our approach is based on both open-source and industrial simulation software solutions.
By making these software- and hardware components available in distributed computing
environments, full control and ownership of these components is not necessary anymore.
This leads to the concept of battery-as-a-service, where a set of components can be
selected, acquired, configured, used for testing, and released, within a limited amount of
time. This can be done repeatedly at a maximum safety level, which is defined by the
component provider itself.

This concept appears to be promising in multi-stakeholder environments, with
distributed development of components, and large numbers of different test cases.

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