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Battery Testing Consortium: A Framework for Improvements in High-Power Battery Design

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The Battery Testing Consortium aims to quantify and analyse high-power cells for usage in Formula Student applications. This project provides the largest engineering competition community with insight into electrochemical degradation mechanisms, thermal properties and their corresponding design requirements, usable energy and power densities, and calibration data for battery management systems. This is completed through a variety of experimental standards that provide a diverse and comprehensive data set.

Motorsport and high-performance automotive applications are currently challenged by the „AND“ problem, as key benefits can be found with a couple high energy „AND“ power cell. Due to constraints in current chemistries, this problem is classically solved through shortening of usable cycle life, or in more traditional automotive applications, de-rating the battery power output. To provide further insight on improvements in the problem, the battery testing consortium provides a benchmark for current chemistries. This project experimentally tests a variety of available for purchase cells in a harsh, prolonged testing regime.

This poster showcases current progress of this consortium, with analysis highlighting initial trends. Readers interested are pointed to the Oxford Brookes High Voltage and Energy Storage research group website for open-source repository covering one of the cell models in this consortium.

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