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TEESMAT – Open Innovation Test Bed

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TEESMAT is a platform to characterize electrochemical energy storage material and devices: Li-ion, Na-ion and all-solid-state batteries, printed Zn/Li batteries, lead-acid, metal-air, redox flow batteries and super-capacitors or any other kind of electrochemical device.
TEESMAT is a unique pool of characterization techniques, brought by 8+ service providers, to probe the behavior of all the components of a battery. The TEESMAT toolbox is composed of standard techniques of demonstrated efficiencies, providing valuable information, and innovative techniques bringing a plus-value in the results. Some of the techniques are continuously under development to offer the best solution for specific problem.
TEESMAT provides:
• Customized problem-solving services
• Support in defining the problem to be solved and the expected outcome
• Time and cost-effective delivery of routine services
• Innovative techniques and development of the techniques of tomorrow
• Materials database providing quality controlled, reproduced, standardized data
• Materials models and simulations

TEESMAT helps in problem-solving from material production to maintainability of final products (R&D, industrialization, production included).

Herein we present three success stories where TEESMAT has demonstrated its relevance in solving industrial’s batteries problems.
• Using a set of 6+ techniques, ranging from X-ray nano-tomography to Raman spectroscopy, we helped the YUNASKO company to developed stable electrode materials for their super-capacitors.
• With the computer vision developed by TEESMAT, the ZINERGY company can control in real-time the production quality, thickness and homogeneity of the printed layer of their ultra-thin printed batteries and immediately act on the production parameters if necessary.
• We helped, with a set of 4+ characterization techniques, the GENESINK company to improve their Cu-metalized substrates production used as current collector in energy storage applications.

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