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Establishment of an extrusion process for the scalable production of sulfide-based SSBs
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Solid state batteries

Sulfide based solid-state batteries are predicted to have several advantages compared to conventional lithium ion batteries, e.g. in the aspects of safety, rate performance and energy density. These advantages are faced with challenges regarding the formation of percolation networks for ions and electrons as well as the large scale processing under inert gas atmosphere. Therefore, the focus of this work lies on scalable solvent-based processing routes to produce sulfide solid-state cathodes and separators. To determine a formulation meeting the high requirements for electrical and ionic conductivity, we built on a process chain including a dissolver for small batches, a film applicator and a laboratory press. We systematically varied type and content of different components like binder, conductive additive and solid electrolyte. After characterizing the layers, the best investigated separator and cathode were selected for full-cell assembly with indium at the anode side and cycling experiments were performed. Subsequently, the discontinuously operated dispersing unit was replaced by a twin-screw extruder operated under argon atmosphere. Cathode and separator suspensions were prepared by extrusion, parameters such as rotational speed, temperature and solids content were modified. Both provide very promising results with respect to the analyzed parameters: For example, the ionic conductivity of the separators is up to three times higher than for those prepared with a dissolver.

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Kevin Voges, Peter Michalowski, Arno Kwade