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A standardized approach towards solid-state battery development

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One of the biggest bottlenecks in scaling up new battery technologies, still even today, is the fact that there is no standard way of testing electrochemical performance of battery materials.

Unreliable, hard to reproduce results, the typical characterization methods employed nowadays cripple the entire energy storage field and slow down the essential technology transfer from academia to industry.

This needs to change! One of the main identified drivers for data quality, is the test equipment used and the conditions under which battery testing is performed. It is fundamental for performance data acquisition, that researcher can access and precisely control relevant parameters. The classical „coin cells“ and home-built „Swagelok setups“, typically settled at the basis of all battery materials tests do not provide the necessary options that R&D on solid-state battery materials request. It’s time to rethink how we do fundamental R&D in this class of battery technology.

In our poster present a clear pathway on how to achieve a worldwide standard for solid-state battery testing – to finally eliminate this burden, holding us back from unraveling the best possible, sustainable battery.

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