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Blockchain-based platform for tracking battery

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Batteries are energy storage devices that are present in several applications, such as: cell phones, notebooks, electric vehicles, in renewable energy generation systems. There is a strong interest from the different actors in the battery supply chain who are interested in knowing the entire history of batteries, avoiding battery tampering, changing components and cells without authorization and inspection, which can cause batteries to lose their certification and warranty.

The battery supply chain for electric vehicles is very complex because it involves everything between the recovery of raw materials for the manufacture of batteries, the marketing and logistics of second life batteries and their disposal. Batteries come from different parts of the world, have belonged to different citizens and companies, have experienced heterogeneous operating conditions and therefore have a different life expectancy. Transparency and traceability prevent clandestine markets, brand damage, battery usage outside technical specifications and pollutant emissions.

Logging data on a blockchain-based platform allows new applications to be applications focused on business models such as battery swapping. Blockchain technology also enables the creation of digital twins and battery simulation (failure prediction, reverse design, root cause identification of problems, etc.). Blockchain technology also allows the implementation of public policies based on the reward and punishment mechanism in which companies that meet quality and greenhouse gas emission targets are rewarded and companies that do not meet these targets are punished. Another module of the platform is that with the data entered in this platform, it is possible for a machine learning model to consume this data in order to indicate the best way to obtain tax incentives, the best tax liability practices, how to obtain value through correct use benefits, such as having correct tax planning, etc. The platform is able to indicate the best tax regime or the main ways to obtain tax incentives. Companies have a security of their data, so they can share their data securely and transparently with network participants. Various business models can be implemented with this platform which is flexible and adaptable to different contexts.

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