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Module & Battery Integration of All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Cells

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Energy renewable resources can be stored in various ways. Considering electrochemical storage, Li-based batteries offer high energy densities combined with a high degree of design flexibility. In particular, batteries using Li+ as an ionic charge cariier are an emerging option to power electric vehicles. Such batteries may, however, suffer from flammable liquid electrolytes conventionally used in these energy storage systems. Next generation Li batteries with e.g metallich Li anodes and equipped with solid electrolyte gain more and more interested due to their properties. Besides the internal characteristics of the new all-solid-state battery technology, the integration of these type of cells have to be illuminated. The presentation will focus on the key advantages of ASSB, different players with different targets, the important factors that change in module/pack integration, e.g. mechanical and thermal integration.

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