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Dr. Sungrok Bang

Dr. Sungrok Bang is a research fellow and head of open innovation department of LG Energy Solution, where he is responsible for technology scouting, investment, and external collaboration.

Dr. Bang received his Ph. D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of California Irvine in 2008. He is now working as a director of open innovation of LG Energy Solution, where he joined in 2016. Prior to joining LG group, he had worked in the Samsung’s battery research division since 2008. He had involved and led the various R&D projects including development of high energy cathode materials, all solid state battery, and quick charging battery & system. He is now devoted to scouting an innovation technologies in lithium ion & next generation batteries, and battery system as an open innovation leader of LG Energy Solution.


LG Energy Solution Ltd.
Open Innovation Team
104-1 Moonjidong Yuseong-gu
Daejeon 305-380

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