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An electrolyte manufacturer at heart!

Batteries are used in many different ways - and this results in very different and specific demands on the batteries. This is where the start-up company E-Lyte Innovations comes in, developing and producing both customized electrolyte solutions and standard electrolyte solutions for batteries. The customized electrolyte solutions, in particular enable batteries to be used in new applications where it was previously not possible. For example, due to outside temperature, safety requirements or required energy density. E-Lyte Innovations is a spin-off of the battery research center MEET in Münster.

electrolyte Development

There is no one-fits-all electrolyte solution.
Say hello to special. We use our long-term experience in combination with state-of-the-art technology for the specific purpose of electrolyte development. At the end of the process there is an optimized electrolyte solution as a recipe, meaningful data and, if desired, a ready-to-use product in the quantity you need. Our process is dedicated to develop the most suitable electrolyte solution for your needs in the most efficient way.

electrolyte Manufacturing

Our flexibility is your advantage!
Global sourcing to meet your individual requirements and at the same time guarantee the best quality through consistent quality assurance with state-of-the-art analysis methods, that is the claim of E-Lyte. Your product is delivered to you at the time and quantity you demand.

service and Measurements

We accompany you through the whole process from scratch to production!
We offer comprehensive methods to compile meaningful data for our customers to assess the possibility of their IP for applications in the lithium-ion battery sector. Further, we provide deep insight into the technology and into the relevant markets and develop strategies to develop and implement products or ideas into those markets.

Our mission is to develop and produce the perfect electrolyte solution for each energy storage system

application fields of tailor-made electrolytes

High energy cells

With the application of advanced electrode materials, such as silicon at the anode side, unconventional electrolyte solutions are mandatory in order to enable these technologies. Only with the utilization of electrolytes adapted by new choices of electrolyte solvents and/or additives, advanced lithium-ion cells with increased energy density will be able to keep up with conventional graphite-based cells in terms of cycle life.

High- and deep temperature applications

The application range of lithium ion cells is currently very much limited in the temperature range due to the use of standard electrolyte mixtures. Normally between 0 and +55 °C during charge and –20 and +60 °C during discharge. With the clever selection of either electrolyte solvent mixtures, Li-salt blends and/or additive combinations, the range of temperature can be broadened or moved towards either the low or high temperature range.

High power applications

Fast Li+-ion transport through the liquid phase, but also through the interphases is essential for current and future high-power applications with e.g. fast charging capability. Therefore, the Li+-ion transport properties within the electrolyte must be adapted by a smart choice of the right electrolyte solvent mixtures, Li+-ionssalt mixtures and/or additive combinations in order to meet these requirements while ensuring a long battery life of the battery.

High voltage applications

Current state-of-the-art electrolytes lack electrochemical stability towards high voltage electrode materials, which is especially of interest in the development of cobalt-free cathode active materials and/or increasing the operating voltage of state-of-the-art cathode active materials such as NMC. By skillful adaption of either electrolyte solvent mixtures, Li-salt blends and/or additive combinations the compatibility of electrolytes within lithium-ion batteries using increased cut-off voltages can be achieved.

New cell chemistries

New technologies, such as e.g. electric flying, require the application of so-called next-generation technologies, such as lithium-sulfur, as gravimetric energy rather than volumetric energy density is more important. These technologies also require a highly optimized electrolyte, which can differ in its composition from that of classical lithium-ion technology in the solvents, lithium-salts and additive combination used.

High safety

Some applications require increased intrinsic safety properties. Examples are medical and large scale stationary energy storage systems or maritime and mining applications. The electrolyte plays a crucial role in order to meet the requirements. The safety properties of lithium-ion cells can be optimized by the appropriate choice of solvent and co-solvent mixtures, lithium salt or mixtures and safety additives such as flame retardants or shutdown additives. Ideally, battery life and performance is not affected.

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