Bio-Logic Science Instruments GmbH

Measurement Solutions for Science & Industry. Good measurements lead to good decisions Measurement Solutions for Science & Industry. BioLogic helps shape the future of research projects and industrial innovations around the globe. Our high-precision, high-performance measurement instruments, powered by advanced, user-friendly software help scientists and industrial experts in such diverse fields as electrochemistry, battery & […]

Dr. Rahul Fotedar, Morrow Batteries

Dr. Rahul Fotedar Dr. Rahul Fotedar is the Chief Technology Officer and one of the co-founders of Morrow Batteries AS. Rahul holds a Masters degree in chemistry from TU München and a PhD degree specializing on battery materials from ETH Zürich. Dr. Rahul Fotedar has previously worked as staff scientist in Institute of Energy Technology […]

Thermal runaway and thermal propagation of lithium ion batteries

Thermal runaway and thermal propagation, i.e. the propagation of a thermal incident from cell to cell inside a battery, are part of the most significant safety challenges in the use of lithium ion batteries as it occurs e.g. in the growing segment of electromobility. In the workshop, fundamentals of thermal runaway and thermal propagation in lithium ion batteries are discussed. In addition, challenges and results from battery safety tests will be presented as well as possible approaches for battery performance and safety simulation. Furthermore, possibilities of fault detection are discussed and their advantages and limitations are shown. The seminar is completed by a discussion of safety in general like functional safety concepts by ISO 262621:2019 with respect to battery technology and the presentation of laws and standards concerning battery safety.

Next Generation Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges

The great potential with regard to increasing energy density and other performance characteristics, but also the limits of the respective battery types, will be discussed using current literature and based on the experience of the speakers in this subject area. Participants will gain basic knowledge about the functionality and development trends of new battery systems.

Dr. Frank Köster, EnergieRegion.NRW, Netzwerk Kraftstoffe und Antriebe der Zukunft

Dr. Frank Köster EnergieRegion.NRW, Netzwerk Kraftstoffe und Antriebe der Zukunft Graduate chemical engineer Senior Consultant Born in 1961 Manager of ‘Future Fuels and Drives Network’, EnergyAgency North Rhine-Westphalia since 2005 Education Study of chemical engineering at Dortmund University; focus on energy management, industrial organic chemistry, fluid engineering Study for a PhD in energy process technology/fluid […]

Dr. Iwao Soga, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (solicited)

Dr. Iwao Soga MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION Project Manager Science & Innovation Center Contact: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Science & Innovation Center 1000 Kamoshida, Aoba, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 227-8502, Japan Tel.: +81-45-963-3443 / +81-50-3033-4250 E-Mail: 1990: Graduated from University of Tokyo, Department of Applied Physics.1990-: Mitsubishi Chemical Industries Ltd. (present-day Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation).1995-1997: University of Illinois. Department of Material Science and […]