Prices and Conditions 2022

Have an overview about special and discount conditions for early bird booking, students, teachers and members of HDT. Poster authors and speakers will find exclusive conditions. Please register here.

Battery Day, March 28, 2022

Regular Fee 245,00 Euro
Employee of university, graduate student 195,00 Euro
Students (Proof necessary) 145,00 Euro

Regular Fee 175,00 Euro
Employee of university, graduate student 145,00 Euro
Students (Proof necessary) 95,00 Euro

Advanced Battery Power, April 28-29, 2021

Regular Fee 1.195,00 Euro // Early Bird Registration until 31.12.2021: 995,00 Euro
Students (Proof necessary) 245,00 Euro
Speakers / Posterauthors / Employees of University (incl. student employees and graduate students) 545,00 Euro

prelimary seminars (online), March 28, 2022

Performance und Alterungsdiagnostik moderner Batteriesysteme, VA-Nr. VA22-00013, 595,00 Euro

Basiswissen Batterien für Automotive Anwendungen, A-Nr. VA22-00033, 595,00 Euro

Next Generation Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges, Language: English, VA-Nr. VA22-00367, 395,00 Euro

Alterung und Post-Mortem Analysen von Lithium-Ionen-Zellen, VA-Nr. VA22-00506, 595,00 Euro

Digitale Zwillinge in der Batteriezellenproduktion, VA-Nr. VA22-00512, 595,00 Euro

Basiswissen Batterien für Automotive Anwendungen, VA-Nr. VA22-00523, 595,00 Euro

Batterien richtig prüfen und testen, VA-Nr. VA22-00618, 595,00 Euro

Thermal Runaway and Thermal Propagation of Lithium-Ion-Batteries, Language: English, VA-Nr. VA22-00943, 595,00 Euro

Green Batteries Through Computational Life Cycle Engineering, Language: English, VA-Nr. VA22-01184, 595,00 Euro

Inductive Charging – Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), Language: English, VA-Nr. H-010-10-662-1, 595,00 Euro

Umgang mit verunfallten Elektrofahrzeugen und defekten Batterien, VA-Nr. VA22-01241, 595,00 Euro

Batteriemanagementsysteme für Automotiveanwendungen, VA-Nr. VA22-01242, 595,00 Euro

Thermisches Verhalten von Lithium-Ionen Batterien, VA-Nr. VA22-01258, 595,00 Euro

Tax free registration fee under the German VAT law § 4 Nr. 22 UStG.

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