An online conference requires lively presentation formats and at the same time tight time management. For this reason, the short presentations of all posters and lectures of the “Advanced Battery Power / Kraftwerk Batterie” conference from 28.-29. April 2012 made available to the registered participants 14 days before the conference. They can prepare themselves very well and then use the online conference even better and in a more targeted manner for the professional exchange with the speakers and poster authors.

In the five parallel sessions, the lectures will then be recorded as videos. The speakers are of course online during this time and are available for questions and discussions in the live chat.

For the speakers, this means submitting a 3-minute short video version and a 15-minute long version of your talk as well as a text-only summary for the announcement in the conference program on this page.

The poster authors submit a 2-minute voice-over video of a maximum of eight poster slides and the slides in PDF format. Please decide freely whether you yourself want to be seen in the video or not. Here too, a text-only summary is required for the conference program.

In the following you will find some information on production resources.
We look forward to your contribution.

Video creation from PowerPoint

01_How do I use the PowerPoint functions for recording?

There are interesting tutorials on the internet that show you in a simple way how you can add sound and a speaker video to your PowerPoint slides.

Youtube video “How to record a Powerpoint Presentation with Audio and Video” (English)

Youtube video “Record Powerpoint Presentation with Sound / Tutorial for Teachers and Students” (German)

02_What equipment is necessary for this?

Basically, you need a computer with at least one built-in camera and microphone.
When recording, please ensure that there is good lighting and the best possible microphone.
If available, you can of course also use an external camera and sound recording accessory.

03_Can video editing programs be used?

Of course yes. There are countless editing programs on the market with which you can combine separately recorded films and sound sequences. You are completely free to choose and use such programs.
If you are looking for an open source software, OBS Studio is at your disposal. A tutorial can be found here.
setzungsergebnisse You can find the download option for OBS Studio here.

04_Which file formats are possible?

Please always submit your videos in MP4 format.
Only PDF format is accepted for presentations.

How do I upload a presentation?

01_Create your user account

You need a user account to upload your lecture or poster. You can find the form here. You have already received your dial-in data by email.
If the password is not available, click on “Forgot Password”. You will then receive a new authentication message.
If your email address has changed, please use this registration form.

02_Enter the title and abstract (text only)

So that your presentation or your poster is easy to find, we need the key data (title, author, co-authors, category assignment) and a short summary of around 1,500-3,000 characters.
We also ask you to check that your personal contact details are correct.

03_Upload your files


Due to the large amount of data, please send us the video files using a data transfer service of your choice (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox, Wikisend, sendanywhere, Terashare). In the form we only need the download link and, if necessary, the access code.

It is important to name the files (.mp4):
Last name_First name_3min
Last name_First name_15min


The short presentation (2-minute voice-over-video) of your poster presentation Due to the large amounts of data, please send us a data transfer service of your choice (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox, Wikisend, sendanywhere, Terashare). In the form we only need the download link and, if necessary, the access code.

Please send us the slides (maximum 8 slides including title) in the form as a PDF file.
If available, we are happy to receive an additional preview image (e.g. the presentation title) as a JPG.


Please remember that your video presentations will be available to all participants 14 days before the start of the conference.
Your data should therefore be uploaded by April 5, 2021 at the latest.
Poster authors, whose contributions are not yet available at this point in time, can unfortunately not participate in the evaluation of the poster price.