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Investigation of Tailored Carbons on the Solubility of Poly(3-vinyl-N-methylphenothiazine)-Based Electrodes for Organic Batteries

Nowadays, the state-of-the-art batteries, which are most commonly used in everyday devices, are based on lithium-ions. Due to many advantages of transition metal oxides, e.g. LiCo1/3Mn1/3Ni1/3O2, they are mainly utilized as active material in this type of battery application, however, they also suffer from significant drawbacks. These include the extraction of the transition metals with […]

Using a Range of Techniques to Provide Comprehensive Information on Battery Materials

Understanding battery materials and components from a chemical, thermal and mechanical standpoint is of incredible importance for ensuring quality, reducing occurrence of failures and understanding every part of the battery manufacturing chain. As we see increased regulation of the battery space, implementation of analysis at every stage of the supply chain will become more prominent […]