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Innovative partner for your next generation battery development.

Your partner for projects with the BMBF 2020 and BMWi – e.g. Li-Ion battery, SSE batteries, Li-S batteries, Li-air batteries

  • Is your research covering the area of film extrusion of anode and cathodes on conductive films?
  • Are you developing materials for high energy density anodes and cathodes?
  • Do you research in the area of solid state electrolyte SSE batteries – SSE?

We are your specialist for the above mentioned cases:

  • Testing the extrudability and rheology of anode and cathode materials by means of Brabender measuring kneaders
  • Mixing of solid binder systems or solvent-based solid binder systems
  • Single-screw and twin-screw extrusion and metering technology
  • Application engineering consulting for process design for anode and cathode extrusion
  • Nozzle specialist who adapts your die to the rheological properties of your product
  • Film extrusion with up to 2 carrier materials, e.g. aluminium, copper or polymer films

We look back on 25 years of cooperation in adapting internal mixers, measuring kneaders, vacuum extrusion lines as well as single- and twin-screw extruders with IKTS Dresden and IKTS Hermsdorf.


Our twin screw extruder TSE 20/40 D where used in the ProCell project at the IKTS Dresden.

Further project participations and applications are running together with the IKTS Dresden, Hermsdorf and Freiberg and EAS Batterie GmbH under the Batterie 2020 as consortium partners with further partners out of the electrolyte and separator business and the sensor technology to analyse the material in – line.

An example of involved process engineering:

Dosing technology for powdered materials and highly viscous liquids as feed into the Twin Screw Extruder 12/36 or the Twinlab C 20/40 used for:

  • Compounding of ceramic composites
  • Compounding of anode and cathode materials of
  • g. Li – Ion – batteries with solvent and binder
  • Dry granulation – solvent free battery development
  • Wet granulation

Measuring Mixers

Brabender measuring mixers are interchangeable measuring heads which serve, connected to a Plasti-Corder, lab-station or Plastograph, for determination of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, ceramic molding compounds, fillers, pigments and much more plastic and plastifying materials under praxis-oriented conditions, cost-effective, reliable and little expenditure of time and material.

  • Easy handling and cleaning through bipartite or tripartite mixer bowl
  • Liquid heating/cooling or with electric heating
  • Precise and constant heating/cooling of the mixers through three in dependent heating zones
  • Operating temperatures of up to 500°C with electric heating
  • Manifold applications through quickly detachable interchangeable mixer blades
  • Large program of additional equipment

TwinLab-C 20/40

With the compact TwinLab-C 20/40 twin-screw extruder, you can analyze a wide range of materials in a space-saving and cost-efficient way. The newly designed compact extruder offers the possibility of using an L-liner or also a compact liner. The liner can be opened horizontally, providing an optimal view of the entire process. At the same time, you also have easier access for cleaning, which is additionally accelerated by the easy removal of the screws.

  • Enhanced options: Use of a replaceable L-liner & compact liner possible
  • Space saving & cost efficient: Compact solution with wide range of applications
  • Improves your analysis conditions: Process monitoring via horizontally split liner, 6 openings for raw material addition
  • Modern project workflow: Location-independent live monitoring, multiple access, networking of multiple devices possible
  • User-friendly: Touchscreen operation, annotation function in diagram, diagram parameters can be individually set
  • Easy to clean: Horizontally folding liner, optimized screw configuration for easy removal
  • Individualizable: Configuration adjustable to your individual needs

Table drive MetaStation 4E

Digitize your laboratory processes with the use of the newly developed MetaStation 4E benchtop drive. The modern torque rheometer combines compactness with maximum flexibility:

Exactly fitting for a floor-standing lab bench, the drive covers an outstandingly wide field of applications. The newly developed drive unit has a modular design: You can also connect larger kneaders and extruders via a docking station.

  • Maximum scalability: Large program of compatible measuring heads, measuring mixers and die heads
  • Modern project workflow: Location-independent live monitoring, multiple access, and method management
  • Cost-effective and flexible: Wide range of applications due to modular design
  • Time efficient and user friendly: Automated concept with elaborate functional range
  • Space saving: Fits to standard laboratory table

Mini-Compounder KETSE 12/36: Innovation for the Plastics Industry

With the new Mini-Compounder KETSE 12/36, Brabender offers a twin screw extruder in miniature scale, which supports the development of new products in the plastics industry.

The scale-down from the production machine together with the extensive adaptability to almost any processing task and the easy operation of the system justify the distinction of the Mini-Compounder as an excellent laboratory unit.

The processing unit of the Mini-Compounder consists of a horizontally hinged cylinder of 36 D length. This allows individual processing steps to be visually evaluated. Furthermore, this provides convenient screw removal and fast barrel cleaning. In addition to the main metering opening at 0 D, free-fall metering or degassing options can be found at barrel lengths of 6 D, 12 D and 26 D. Necessary side metering can be installed at a barrel length of 14 D.

KE 30 compact extruder - material development, testing and small-scale production

The stand-alone solution is suitable for throughputs up to 15 kg per hour.

  • Stand-alone solution with direct drive
  • Powerful: throughput of up to 15kg/h
  • Wide range of processing and applications
  • Numerous expansion options and downstream equipment
  • High ease of operation and operational reliability due to self-intelligence
  • With CAN bus system: easy configuration of extrusion lines
  • New: Now also available in cylinder length 32D

The compatible die range covers a wide range of processing tasks in the extrusion sector. A wide range of measuring nozzles is available for testing material properties.

Extended possibilities for material testing are offered by the newly available process length of 32D.

KE 19 Compact Extruder - Versatile and Efficient

Brabender compact extruders are direct-drive, versatile units for testing and processing both polymers and materials used in the food, construction and pharmaceutical industries.

Compact design and convincing technical features make these units the ideal solution for laboratory applications as well as for small-scale production.

A wide range of screws and die heads makes the Brabender® compact extruder the perfect equipment for

  • the development of new products
  • incoming and final inspection
  • quality control during production
  • small-scale production of tubing, pipe, film and other profiles

In addition to manual operation, these extruders can also be optionally integrated into local data networks in PC-controlled mode.

Absorptometer "C": Determination of the oil number

The Brabender Absorptometer "C" is a benchtop instrument with torque measuring system (dynamometer) for accurate and reproducible measurement of the oil absorption number (OAN) of powdery materials. The measuring principle is based on the consistency change of the powder during the absorption of oil.

  • Direct torque measurement without intermediate elements guarantees high reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Automatic, sequence-controlled precision metering pump with preset standard values
  • Cost-effective operation with minimum dead times due to quick and easy replacement of the measuring swages
  • Easy operation due to front panel controls and touch screen


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