Thermo Fisher Scientific

Advancing Battery Technology from Lab to Line

Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies innovative solutions for the world’s battery manufacturing industry, from research and development to production. Our analytical solutions, including microCT, scanning electron microscopes, DualBeam, transmission electron microscopes and XPS, enable researchers to investigate the critical structural and chemical information they need from battery cell level to atomic structure, in both 2D and 3D.

LInspector Measurement and Control System

Our online non-contact web gauging measurement and control systems have a vital role in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries and help to improve their safety, consistency and efficiency.

The NEW Thermo Scientific™ LInspector™ measurement and control system has been specifically designed to address the need for accurate electrode coating weight measurement, multilayer thickness measurement of separator films, and electrode calendering thickness measurement.

Building on 80 years of gauging measurement excellence, the LInspector measurement and control system combines innovations in sensor, measurement, reporting, and remote instrument health monitoring that allow manufacturers to confidently deliver superior quality lithium-ion batteries at scale. Enabling the detection of more defects, saving waste and improving product robustness.

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